A brief summary on the article instead of teaching missing addends

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A brief summary on the article instead of teaching missing addends

The article presents a Paiget constructivist point of view which is instruction in missing addends problem is no longer necessary when children master reversibility of thought development.

This article was really very interesting to me in the fact that educators and parents alike are always eager to teach children even when they may not always have the ability to comprehend what we are trying to teach them. The study done for this article demonstrates that at times we are better served to wait until the child has more mental maturity when attempting to teach about missing addends.

If fact, based solely upon the information given in this article we may not need to teach them at all. If the children are given the chance to develop thought reversibility then teaching missing addends becomes obsolete.

What we should be concentrating upon is teaching skills that will help the children develop these thought processes. One of the main ideas suggested in the article were a number of mathematical games that encourage thought reversibility and as such eliminate the need for formal instruction in missing addends.

I was very intrigued with the numerical games mentioned and as I plan to teach 1st to 3rd grade I will find them very useful in the future.

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words. 1 page. Analyzing Beatrice Truce Hunter's Article "Upgrading School Lunches" An Analysis of an Article on Memory Research and the Way Our Imagination Influences the Memory. words. I have been teaching place value and missing addends all week! You can check out my missing addends freebie {reposted} and my latest place.

Skill- Counting On Use 10 frame and number cards record in math journal instead of the worksheet.

A brief summary on the article instead of teaching missing addends

Missing Addends- With Tens Frames **Freebie! See more. Delicious Donuts: Missing Addends Math Center Making Ten This is a delicious donut themed math center, focusing on missing addends.

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Students will use manipulatives to find the missing addend for sums of 1. Brief Summary. The authors of article Instead of Teaching Missing Addends state their purpose “is to present evidence showing that if children’s numerical reasoning is strong, then formal instruction of missing addends is unnecessary” (Kamii ).

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A brief summary on the article instead of teaching missing addends
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