An analysis of client for netware

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An analysis of client for netware

An analysis of client for netware

Maskable Interrupts the types of exceptions that are related to abends are the nonmaskable interrupt NMI and the processor-detected exceptions.

Consistency Check Errors Consistency checks are internal tests which Novell software engineers have placed in the NetWare operating system code.

The primary function of consistency checks is to ensure the stability and integrity of internal operating system data. Numerous consistency checks are interlaced throughout NetWare to validate critical disk, memory, and communications processes.

The abend errors that result from failed consistency checks are code-detected errors, as opposed to CPU-detected errors. As an example of a consistency check, imagine a function called XYZFreeMemory that is used to release a portion of memory so it will be available for other programs.

To guard against possible problems, the programmer includes a check to see whether the pointer passed into the function points to a valid memory buffer. If this check fails, the system will generate an abend. A failed consistency check is always a serious error because it indicates some degree of memory corruption.

Consistency check errors might be caused by a corrupt operating system file, corrupt or outdated drivers and NLMs NetWare Loadable Modulesbad packets formed at the client, or hardware failures. These errors can also be associated with defective memory chips, static electricity discharges, faulty power supplies, or fluctuations in commercial power see NetWare System Messages manual, page 1.

Analyzing Abend Messages Before NetWare displays an abend message on the file server screen, several steps occur depending on whether the error was CPU-detected exception generated or code-detected consistency checks.

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The type of information provided on the screen is identical in both cases: In the NetWare 3. NetWare first posts the date and time at which the system was halted. The text of the abend message itself will help you determine whether it is a CPU-detected abend or a code-detected error. Here is an example of a CPU-generated abend: Server 03 Process 5 Stack: Otherwise Power off and back on to restart.

This information is provided to the operating system by the CPU. The error code in the message is used to help determine additional information about the exception.

Technote (troubleshooting)

Error codes are produced only for some exceptions. Under certain conditions, exceptions which produce error codes may not be able to report an accurate code. Here is an example of a code-generated abend: Console Command Process 5 Stack: Notice how this abend message is different from the CPU-detected abend above which was generated by an exception.

This line identifies the version of the NetWare operating system running in the server. This line indicates which process was running at the time of the abend. Internal server processes can be referred to as OS worker threads.

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These are processes that take on a wide variety of tasks, such as handling packets, processing NCP requests, and performing work from the work-to-do list.

Some of these tasks can be scheduled by other NLMs and carried out by file service processes. NLMs can also have their own dedicated threads. It may or may not be involved. A good example of a case in which the running process is not the cause is when a process call it Process A receives an invalid pointer from a corrupt memory area and then tries to use this pointer.

The memory area possibly became corrupt because some other process Process B issued a write over a valid structure or pointer. The running process simply tries to execute this pointer, which results in the abend. So even though Process A is identified as the running process in the abend message, the problem actually lies with Process B.

Another example is when the running process is passed invalid information from another NLM. File service processes fall under this scenario because they carry out work for other NLMs and service incoming packets that can pass invalid or corrupt information to the server process to execute.

All three lines of the stack dump may be useful to technical support people in diagnosing the cause of the abend. Server Hangs or Lockups In the computer industry, people describe a machine that suddenly stops working with a variety of frightful terms.

They say the computer has crashed, frozen, hung, or locked up. When a full server lockup occurs, no processes are allowed to run. No one can log in to do work on the server.Lotus Notes Email Overview. One of the most important and robust features of the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino client-server collaboration software is Lotus Notes Email, the mail application that allows communication inside a company as well as to other companies over the Internet.

Workload Characterization of NetWare Clients and Servers Using a Protocol Analyzer. Novell is now a Workload Characterization of NetWare Clients and Servers Using a Protocol Analyzer Articles and Tips: article The WC_NCPC application characterizes the traffic associated withan individual NetWare client.

A client can represent a person. Why Edward Snowden loves open source Infamous government hacker Edward Snowden believes open source is fundamentally better than proprietary technology, which he believes disempowers users.

The Type 1 message is sent from the client to the server to initiate NTLM authentication. Its primary purpose is to establish the "ground rules" for authentication by indicating supported options via the flags.

Note: For Windows , R2, Vista, Windows 7, , R2, and Windows 8 there is a Automated System Recovery (ASR) support capability available with and newer client levels. Novell software is now a part of Micro Focus and all products and information previously on is now on

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