Bill by essay into roorback wood

The next year, his family moved to suburban Boston, Massachusetts where he attended kindergarten.

Bill by essay into roorback wood

Goodness knows why anyone would want to shoot an animal as harmless and retiring as the moose, but thousands of people do—so many, in fact, that states now hold lotteries to decide who gets a permit. Maine in received 82, applications for just 1, permits. Hunters will tell you that a moose is a wily and ferocious forest creature.

A moose is a cow drawn by a three-year-old. Without doubt, the moose is the most improbable, endearingly hopeless creature ever to live in the wilds. Every bit of it—its spindly legs, its chronically puzzled expression, its comical oven-mitt antlers—looks like some droll evolutionary joke.

It is wondrously ungainly: Above all, what distinguishes the moose is its almost boundless lack of intelligence. If you are driving down a highway and a moose steps from the woods ahead of you, he will stare at you for a long minute moose are notoriously shortsightedthen abruptly try to run away from you, legs flailing in eight directions at once.

Never mind that there are several thousand square miles of forest on either side of the highway. The moose does not think of this. Now how the heck did I get here?

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Mastodons, saber-toothed tigers, wolves, caribou, wild horses, and even camels all once thrived in eastern North America alongside the moose but gradually stumbled into extinction, while the moose just plodded on. At the turn of this century, it was estimated that there were no more than a dozen moose in New Hampshire and probably none at all in Vermont.

Today New Hampshire has an estimated 5, moose, Vermont 1, and Maine anywhere up to 30, It is because of these robust and growing numbers that hunting has been reintroduced as a way of keeping them from getting out of hand.

There are, however, two problems with this that I can think of. First, the numbers are really just guesses. No less pertinent is that there is just something deeply and unquestionably wrong about killing an animal that is so sweetly and dopily unassuming as a moose.

You might as well hunt cows.United States History and Government Part A Specific Rubric Document-Based Question August U.S. Hist.

Bill by essay into roorback wood

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