Career decision making essays

In one particularly illustrative example, my nine-year-old self broke down in tears in a shoe store having to decide between the purple hi-tops and the pink and green hi-tops.

Career decision making essays

Career decision making Career Decision Making: Evaluating And Applying Current Theoretical Models Due to the difficult process of career-decision making for the majority of the population, researchers have formulated four main theories to better understand the complex relationships between the different factors that influence this important decision.

Self-efficacy, abilities, interests, and personality types all play a significant part in finding the right career. Interventions and other types of career assistance have also been proven to have influences on which job an individual will apply for.

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To illustrate how career-decision making theories work in practice, two hypothetical individuals will go through the process of the application of the different theories. He recently graduated from a private college and is looking for the right career path.

He is intellectual, curious, and very creative. He likes to help others with their problems and excels at math and science. Kenny is also a good problem solver and seeks a career with elements of independence, variety, and creativity. She is a thirty-one year old Caucasian mother of two.

She has been taking time off from work to stay at home with her kids and take care of her ill mother. Before Sally took time away from the workforce to care for her family, she really enjoyed her job working in an accounting firm.

Sally would like to get back into the work force in a job that is both practical and concrete. She enjoys working with numbers and data and likes things to be in order most of the time, but work in an only slightly structured environment.

Career decision making essays

Her past supervisors claim that she takes direction very well, but often needs assistance when dealing with unexpected problems.

Sally would like a career with opportunities for advancement, leadership positions, as well as adequate pay and job recognition. Sally mostly spends her time fulfilling her household duties and assisting her mother during her time of need, and is anxious to get back to the work force.

In other words, people like to be around others who have similar personalities. In choosing a career, it means that people choose jobs where they can be around people who are like them.

This theory is the best known and most widely researched theory on this topic Jones, Many career counselors also use it. By examining these stereotypes, Holland placed people and work environments to various categories. There are six different categories that Holland places people and work environments into.

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Each category has a different behavior that is expected by the worker and the environment in which the worker is placed. The six personality types included Realistic i. The six work environment models that Holland describes are named the same as the six personality types. The work environment models include Realistic i.

Making Career Decision Essays

Since most people are not just one type of personality, Holland uses a combination of three different types. Once the career-seekers find out which type they are part of, they can see the characteristics of their specific type and, thus, choose a career that fits their personality type and work environment.

Using the hypothetical individuals described earlier, one can see how this theory plays out. First, Kenny is an intellectual guy and is curious about many things.

He likes to come up with his own ideas and tries to be expressive as best he can. Kenny is also people-oriented and likes to help people with any problems. From knowing which personality Kenny is, he can now narrow down his career choice to fit those particular personality types and work environments.

Possible careers could include a social worker or a musician. For the other hypothetical individual, Sally is thought of as a practical and concrete thinker who likes to work with hard numbers and data. She also likes things to be in order most of the time. Sally does not like things to be totally structured, but not out of control.

Sally can now find out which career would be appropriate for her. Possible careers for Sally could include computer-programmer or statistician. Obviously most people want a job that they are interested in and can exploit their interests and ideas. However, the theory only helps certain people.

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Super defines the longitudinal processes of career development as well as the situation specific content of career decision making. "Career decisions reflect. [tags: Decision Making, Influence Future, Job, Work] Research Papers words ( pages) Essay Best Career Choice - Web Administrator - Abstract This proposal will provide the information that a high school student will need to make a decision on a career choice in the field of web administration.

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Social Cognitive Career Theory has been to be a career-decision making theory with proven validity. Albert and Luzzo () found that social cognitive career theory to be valuable in interpreting the effects that perceived barriers play in career development and career decision-making.

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