Cedp transition point 1 reflective response essay

Details Responsibility for evaluation: External consultants were contracted to carry out the work. Actual project delivery, from hire of consultant to delivery of draft report took four months May, — September,

Cedp transition point 1 reflective response essay

Those recommended for the award of QTS should: Each chapter contains sev eral points for reflection.


These encourage y ou to break off from y our reading and consider the issue being discussed. Sometimes y ou are asked to compare the information in the text with y our own experience; sometimes y ou are asked to complete a small task.

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It is hoped that you will not be in a hurry to read through the whole book; take y our time, reflect on the issues presented and, if possible, discuss the issues with other trainees.

The main focus of the book is on practical advice, but there is another area of your course where I hope that y ou will find the book useful.

If y ou are undertaking an aw ard-bearing course for example, leading to a PGCE or a degree with QTSthen you will have to do some assignments. So much so that this opening discussion is the last part of the book to be completed: History teachers therefore hav e tended naturally to focus on these curriculum changes at the level of the history department: There is, as ev er, a bigger picture which has the potential to influence the nature and the role of history in the wider curriculum.

The ship w as so large that it was beyond anything they had ev er seen and was beyond comprehension. It w as only when the crew embarked on smaller rowing boats that they could see something that was within the realms of their cultural experience and possibly recognize a threat.

As historians w e know how to respond in a typically ironic and cynical manner. We can recognize the new curriculum, forged in the white heat of the new technological revolution, which might more resemble a clapped out microw ave or a VHS video recorder but let us not be too hasty to rush to judgement.

There are real opportunities and it is time to recognize them and make the most of them. Let us resort to some neat rhetorical trickery and see what else Mr W aters has to offer: As history teachers we need to recognize that we perform a number of different tasks and take on a number of different responsibilities and just You and Your Subject: A Personal Perspective perhaps this new vision for the curriculum giv es us an opportunity to define our role on our terms.

A hedgehog-like response is no real defence, particularly when you are on the six-lane superhighw ay of the new curriculum.

Does this prove that you can be ironic and enthusiastic at the same time? Lord Adonis, in response to requests for history to stay in the curriculum to the age of 16 muttered something about history being delivered through the citizenship curriculum.

This prompted a comment to the effect of: This is one area where the new direction for the curriculum offers opportunities for history teachers and history departments but not, perhaps in the w ay that Lord Adonis might think.

History and citizenship as discrete curriculum subjects hav e always enjoyed an ambiguous relationship. In the early y ears of citizenship it w as viewed by some as a means of salv ation. There w as a hazy assumption that much of the curriculum could be deliv ered through history.

Citizenship is beginning to define itself as a subject in the school curriculum, but as P eter Brett readily admits: This distinction is important, citizenship is not a defined academic discipline and as such it does not w ork within distinct conceptual and methodological framew orks.

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If y ou were to compare the citizenship and history key concepts and key processes y ou would see that the former might best be described as aspirational rather than embedded in the tradition of an academic discipline.

The new curriculum is all about thinking differently and thinking creatively, perhaps responsible citizenship does not hav e to be shorthand for citizenship. It might also be appropriate to consider how the clarity of purpose and direction embedded in the history key concepts and key skills can provide flesh and bones for the v ery amoebic concepts and skills slopping about on the pages of the citizenship curriculum.

In other w ords if y ou are a beginning citizenship teacher is the academic rigour which underpins the study of history going to give your teaching more sense of direction?Teaching History Developing as a Reflective Secondary Teacher Reflective Teaching and Learning: A guide to professional issues for beginning secondary teachers Edited by Sue Dymoke and Jennifer Harrison Reflective practice is at the heart of effectiv e teaching.

The main point of the conference is to guide the trainee through a constructive conversation that encompasses a reflective journey. A key element of achieving this goal is to engage with the paperwork in their evidence folder(s) and evidence the trainee has collected.

Cedp transition point 1 reflective response essay

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Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. CEDP transition point 1 reflective response. The Transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 (Galton et al. September ) 'Many of the issues associated with 'under-achievement' in boys are related to tensions between the culture of the school.

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