Complaints us airways write a complaint

Airlines have trouble-shooters at the airports, usually called Customer Service Representatives, who can take care of many problems on the spot.

Complaints us airways write a complaint

On September 8th, shahram not verified says: In Jan received a visa card from Royal bank of Baku in Azerbaijan. After one month Royal bank of Baku said that bank is bankrupt. We went from our country Iran to Azerbaijan. A person in bank Miss Jamileh said us that you must write about this matter and sign and after 1 year we will contact you about this problem.

We wondered because we needed our money and now they say 1 year later we will inform you that you can take it or not!! Elchin Niftiyev his e-mail address: He said I am confused because your cards is for Royal and issue through Royal bank with 16 digit number and with your name which is match with your passport but in our systems this account is for another people.

Again we came back to bank and talk with all staff in there but they said we don't know anything about this problem. Finally a gentleman who his name was Mr.

We went to back office of royal bank and talk with Mr. Golshan know and she is in trip now. It was so bad play with us.

We said that we need a meeting with Mr. A and he must answer to us about this problem and must pay us back our money. But they said you cannot. The staff of royal bank played with us for 3 days.

We went to AG bank and explain this matter to them. And finally we came back to Iran without any money. My visa cards are with my own name and family. It is not according to visa rules and it is so bad records for visa and Royal bank too.

They were well know by the police and I filed my complaint. The police advised I not return to return for a refund as it may be dangerous and I spent all day in translation etc to document the situation.

Their advice was to seek justice through the better business bureau and I was out the money. I argued that I identified the scam immediately and the web sites that listed all the cons by the merchant and inquired why RBC made payment and it was on their advice to go to the police.

I have taken this to RBC Visa and have had no satisfaction, they are standing behind the scam artists and billing me. When I asked for records of complaint against this merchant they could not supply I am in the process of cancelling my Visa with RBC and associated accounts.

As a card holder you have no protection if you are honest, better to say your card was stolen and make them prove it was not.Nov 10,  · Some guidelines to keep in mind when you're set to lodge an airline complaint: be polite, be reasonable and be specific. How to complain about an airline to get the best results.

By By George. Complaints and claims. Make a complaint - about an experience you had with British Airways; Update us or check on an existing complaint or claim. You will need your case reference number to contact us about an exisiting complaint or claim.

Add information to a . How to contact us. Contact Customer Relations with compliments, concerns and questions about your past travel. Send an email or letter.

complaints us airways write a complaint

Email customer relations American Airlines Customer Relations E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ American Airlines credit card;.

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Air Travel Complaint - Comment Form Please use this form for all consumer and civil rights complaints. Share your thoughts - we're here to help in any way we can. Questions? Comments? Concerns? We'll quickly get back to you with the information you need. Complaints and claims. and any complaints about your experience with British Airways Update us or check on an existing complaint or claim.

You will need your case reference number to contact us about an exisiting complaint or claim. Add information to a baggage claim;.

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