Deniz armani thesis

Abola, Enrique et al. Affholter, Joseph et al. Andersen, Gregers Rom et al. Armani, Deniz et al.

Deniz armani thesis

Qe 1 The loaded Q in turn determines the processing bandwidth of the structure. For large bandwidths, the loaded Q is reduced and radiation losses pose less severe limitations. Integrated optical circuits call for dielectric waveguide interconnects.

These imply bends and crossings of waveguides.

Ultra-High-Q Planar Microcavities and Applications (2005)

Bends have inherent radiation loss. Using structures of high index contrast, it is possible to design Optical Resonators and Filters 5 bends within an area of a few square wavelengths.

The structures resemble microwave components and hence one can expect that the expertise gained in microwave circuit design can also be used to address problems in integrated optics design.

Deniz armani thesis

We first apply resonator theory to the design of simple, compact waveguide bends and crossings, and then follow this with an in-depth study of resonator-based filters. Figure l a shows the schematic representation of such a two-port system.

Increased coupling between the resonator and the outside enlarges the bandwidth of reflection-free transmission. The reflection R and transmission T at resonance are: It can be extended to optics with the caveat that an optical resonator radiates unless special precautions are taken.

An FDTD simulation, where the color code is for field amplitude, shows that the performance of the bend is very poor, as expected.

Karman, Deniz - The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hence, the design is based on microwave-circuit and ray-optics considerations. It is one example of microwave circuit ideas applied to integrated optics. High-index-contrast waveguides have widths of the order of one half wavelength in the medium of the guide, whereas waveguides of low 6 H.

Simple perpendicular crossings of low index contrast waveguides can be easily realized without excessive cross-talk, because the field traveling in one waveguide goes through many reversals within the opening into the crossing waveguides.

Thus, the overlap integral to evaluate the excitation of the perpendicular mode is small, and that mode is not excited. This is not true in the case of waveguides of high index contrast.

Here, again, the resonator design principle can be invoked as shown in Figs. The resonant modes must be anti-symmetric with respect to the symmetry plane cutting Optical Resonators and Filters 7 Fig.

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