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GSD blog When deciding on where to attend university, I came to the realization that I have never been one to follow the typical education system, which was why GSD first appealed to me. I did not want to sit doing prerequisite courses that had little relevance to my major, in classes where I would just be a number out of hundreds of students.

Taking specialized courses in International Relations, with a small student to teacher ratio sounded like a dream. Although leaving the security I felt in the Canadian education system was a difficult choice, I do not regret doing so.

At GSD I have relationships with my professors, which has become invaluable for me.

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Each of my classes teaches me skills that I will use in my future career. Also, living in Geneva, you Edit thesis footer literally in the heart of the international community.

Because of the opportunities that are available just living in Geneva, it is the best possible place to study International Relations, as every day you are immersed in it.

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Before I decided to attend GSD, I was working in disaster relief and health initiatives as well as grassroots movements for education around Atlanta, Ga. To further my education, I chose to attend GSD for its outstanding faculty and commitment to excellent in education.

As a student ambassador, I am elated to be a part of such a diverse and friendly class, and look forward to achieving excellence in our studies and working with the faculty at GSD to further our academic and career ambitions. My experiences working in the field of journalism, marketing, and education helped me to understand the society from various level.

And over the course of my upbringings, I have experienced political and economic crises, and witnessed poverty and vast inequalities. I wanted to be part of an international community that helps to bring positive influences to those who are in need, and that is why I have chosen to study my Masters at GSD.

The institution is equipping me with the skills that I need to enter into the field of diplomacy, crisis management, and relief work. The teaching faculty are all well-experienced in their field, and they are always willing to share their knowledge and experience with the students.

GSD also provides a multicultural atmosphere which is itself an amazingly enriching learning environment. A couple of years as an ICRC delegate gave me some field experience, but I still lack formal training in international relations.

As my unit focuses on strategic crises, does early warning, crisis management support and organizes exercises for the government, I need to have a better understanding of the international aspect of such crises. Personally, I was always interested in a cross-cultural exchange of views and ideas and it will be a pleasure to do this in the context of this Programme.osTicket is an excellent piece of support ticket software.

In addition to having an easy-to-use interface and straightforward feel, it is also open-source and free. After installing osTicket, many people and businesses like to customize the appearance to maintain brand / theme continuity with the rest of .

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