Ellen ochoa

Search NASA born American engineer Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic female astronaut, serving on four space shuttle flights. She also helped develop several systems that earned patents ; these systems use lasers to gather and process information from images. Ochoa was born on May 10,in Los Angeles, California.

Ellen ochoa

Billie Jean King at left with Sally Ride, who ranked nationally as a tennis player before becoming an astronaut. Sally Ride Science Sally Ride Science will celebrate the stamp dedication with a special discussion on women in leadership.

Panelists for their 6: Journalist Lynn Sherr, who authored the bestseller "Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space," will moderate.

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This promises to be an exhilarating evening," stated O'Shaughnessy. The events on May 23 fall two months shy of the six year anniversary of Ride's death of pancreatic cancer at age 61 and 35 years after Ride made history as an astronaut. Ride was chosen by NASA in as part of the first class of astronauts to include women.

She was preceded by two Russian cosmonauts: Valentina Tereshkova in and Svetlana Savitskaya in In total, Ride logged 14 days and 8 hours in space, circling the Earth times. After retiring from NASA inRide went on to become a professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego, and authored several children's science books.

Ellen ochoa

Sally Ride, seen aboard space shuttle Challenger, became the first American woman to fly into space on June 18, NASA The Sally Ride stamp depicts the astronaut at the time of her first spaceflight in Juneset against a backdrop of the space shuttle lifting off.

Ride is the second U.

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In Maythe postal service released a stamp in honor of the late Alan Shepardthe first American to fly in space and the fifth human to walk on the moon.Bookmark; Glossary Terms; April 8, is a day Ellen Ochoa will likely never forget.

At am, the space shuttle Discovery lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida with Ochoa and four other crewmembers on board. Ochoa’s first flight to space, the trip marked both a personal milestone in her scientific career and the first time in history a Hispanic woman had traveled to space.

Ellen ochoa

Watch video · You may know her as the first Hispanic woman in space, but did you know that Dr. Ellen Ochoa has a hidden talent?

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Shop with confidence. Twenty-four years ago, the trailblazing Ellen Ochoa became the first Latina in space. The NASA astronaut made history back in , and continues to do so today.

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Ellen Ochoa Middle School is dedicated to fostering a partnership between students, parents, staff, coaches and community to prepare students to be life-long learners and .

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