Good topics to write about finance company

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Good topics to write about finance company

Here's how to get the best out of every company-wide meeting. You used to be able fit your entire team around a conference room table.

Doing that well means that you must maintain the same level of transparency when you have employees as you did when you had only For example, Axcient, a company that helps companies back up their computer operations and restore them in the wake of an emergency, goes out of its way to make it culture clear to everyone.

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Goals While values provide a valuable context for what people do, your all company meetings must be grounded in the articulation of key goals.

As I described in Hungry Start-up Strategy, your start-up must articulate three kinds of goals. The first is a broad mission. Your all-company meetings should review the progress of the company in achieving these short-term goals and set new goals as circumstances change.

Strategy Goals are important, but without a strategy, how will you get there? In order for each member of your team to take initiative, they must understand the strategy. Therefore, your all-company meetings should focus on its five elements: Here you have to explain which product s you plan to sell, which customer groups your venture will target, and which countries you plan to sell in; Vehicles.

Let potential investors know whether your growth will come from partnerships, internally-developed products and services, or acquisitions. For each of the relevant categories, give specific examples; Value proposition. How will your start-up earn a profit--charging a high price for a unique product or the lowest price in the industry--with even lower costs?

Once you have the capital, what exactly will you do first, second, third and so on? If you are hiring many new employees, it may make sense to repeat this at every meeting. But if your staff is not growing as fast, just focus on the key elements that have changed--if any--since the previous meeting.

Initiatives Next, your all-company meeting should highlight progress being made on the two or three most important initiatives your start-up is taking to achieve its goals. You should ask the leaders of these initiatives to discuss their progress since the previous meeting, what they plan to do in the weeks ahead, and any challenges they are encountering.

These reports will help your company to understand what you think is important and help others think about ways that they can pitch in to make these strategic initiative a success.

Results Finally, your all-company meetings should discuss results. You can decide what details you want to present to your employees--sales versus targets, the number of new customers signed, competitive wins and losses, cash flow, number of employees, and the status of new products under development.

You should also encourage people to ask questions about any of the topics. And if you are having trouble getting people to ask questions, you could pick people to ask what you think are the key questions or ask and answer them yourself.

good topics to write about finance company

And as the company grows, you are going to need to use technology to make these meetings work. You could require all offices to operate video conferencing, broadcast the proceedings live over the Internet, and video tape the meetings and post them for later consumption.

As your start-up grows, it is vital that you maintain the same level of transparency and open communication that you had when it was small. Keep these five items on the agenda and your start-up will be better poised to seize new opportunities and defend against evolving threats.

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good topics to write about finance company

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