How to write an if else statement in java

We hope you find this tutorial helpful. In addition to guides like this one, we provide simple cloud infrastructure for developers. With conditional statements, we can have code that sometimes runs and at other times does not run, depending on the conditions of the program at that time.

How to write an if else statement in java

Use of this Decide if or else Many times, we need to see a condition and then decide what to do according to the condition.

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For example, if it is raining, we will take an umbrella, otherwise not. Similarly, if a number is divisible by 2, it is even, otherwise it is odd. This is what if and else does in Java. So, it means that now you can take input from a user and perform according to it using if If it is raining, a person will take an umbrella.

This type of decision taking is done using if statement in Java. Let's have a look at the syntax of if statement before looking at its example.

If statement in Java | Java tutorials for students and beginners

So, the statement inside if got executed and b is greater than a got printed on the screen. If it is raining, a person will take an umbrella while going out, otherwise he will take a hat with himself.

In Java, this is done by using if Otherwise, statement 2 will be executed. Let's see an example. Consider one more example. This means that it should give a remainder 0 if divided by 2. So, else will be executed and Number is odd will be printed on the screen.If Statements, Loops and Recursion If statements (actually, these are if expressions) OCaml has an if statement with two variations, and the obvious meaning.

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if boolean-condition then expression if boolean-condition then expression else other-expression. Unlike in the conventional languages you'll be used to, if statements are really expressions. In other words, they're much more like boolean.

• The conditional statements if, if-else, and switch allow us to choose which statement will • The statement in the if statement can be any Java statement: • Write a method that print whether die1 and die2 are doubles, cat’s eyes (two 1’s) or neither of these.

Else block is optional

Here is a basic example of a block of code that contains an if statement, multiple else if statements, and an else statement in case none of the conditions evaluated to true. Java Decision Making Statements - If-Else, Switch, and Break Control flow statements in Java are divided in two parts: Decision Making and Iteration.

In this tutorial decision making (if-else, switch, and break) statements will be discussed. If-else and switch statements easily account for some of the ugliest code that I have seen (and written).

Overuse of if-else blocks can lead to the arrow antipattern, a scenario where conditional branches are so deeply nested they become unmaintainable. if-else statement in java. Advertisements.

how to write an if else statement in java

Previous Page. Next Page. An if statement can be followed by an optional else statement, which executes when the Boolean expression is false.


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