International involvement in afghanistan essay

The "top to bottom" review will be scrutinizing the perpetrators as well as the commanders who did not intervene. The investigation shows that the killings were general knowledge among the soldiers and many approved of them. The incident in Helmand occurred despite supposedly rigorous new restrictions on the use of force, which make the use of heavy weaponry illegal unless "trusted" surveillance sources say there are no civilians present. Afghanistan Rights Group has expressed alarm at this decision.

International involvement in afghanistan essay

Order Essay on Afghanistan Afghanistan is a country in southwestern Asia. Afghanistan consists of mountains, scorching deserts, fertile valleys, and rolling plains. The country is a little smaller than Texas.

It is landlocked, having no borders near water. The surrounding countries are Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran.

International involvement in afghanistan essay

Nomads make up a sixth of the population along with three-fourths of Afghanistan workers who farm the land. Kabul is the largest city and also the capital of Afghanistan. Ninety-nine percent of Afghans are Muslims. One common link among them is their religion, Islam. The major population consists of 20 ethnic groups which are then separated into several different tribes.

Most ethnic groups have different languages and different cultures which makes it really hard for Afghanistan to develop into a unified modern nation.

This leads to the troubles they have had over the centuries. They have suffered foreign interference by Russia and Great Britain. A bitter struggle over power in the country tore Afghanistan. Afghanistan can be divided into three regions-the northern plains, the central mountains, and the southern plateau.

However, because rainfall is scarce, only river valleys and regions where water is available can be cultivated. The Kuh-e-Baba Mountains, which rise to almost 17, feet, are not the highest peaks of Afghanistan.

The mountains with the highest elevation are found near the northeastern border with Pakistan and rise to 24, feet. In the twentieth century alone, more than a dozen earthquakes have occurred in the area around Kabul. The Northeastern part of the highlands is the most active. Within the past few months a new earthquake has again damaged this area.

The mile Kabul River is a vital source of water here, as its tributaries irrigate some of the most productive agricultural land in the country. The southwestern region consists primarily of desert and semi desert.

These barren areas cover over 40, square miles, and lie between 1, and 2, feet about sea level. Afghanistan has very severe winters and extremely long, hot summers. The climate is influenced more by high altitude than by latitude.

From December to March the air masses come from the cold continental north, bringing very cold weather and snow to the mountains. From June to September Afghanistan is very hot and dry.

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In summer nights it can be very cold. Very little rain falls at lower altitudes, and the plains are extremely dry. Rainfall in the country averages about seven inches a year.Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service.

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This free Miscellaneous essay on Essay: Canadian involvement in the War in Afghanistan is perfect for Miscellaneous students to use as an example. Canada strongly pushed for more international troops in Afghanistan, especially after it was a key recommendation in the recently released Manley report.

The delegates at the Brussels conference. Buy custom Pros and Cons of Our Involvement in Afghanistan essay It is a well-known fact that the War in Afghanistan, which started in , is the longest running war of the United States.

For more than a decade now, we have been trying to . Afghanistan is an extremely poor, landlocked country, highly dependent on farming and livestock raising (sheep and goats).

Economic considerations have played second fiddle to political and military upheavals during two decades of war, including the nearly year Soviet military occupation (which ended 15 February ). The invasion of Afghanistan by the United States proved to be more rational, more legitimate, and more justified than the United States invasion of Iraq.

The invasion of Afghanistan proved to be of necessity, while the invasion of Iraq proved to be of choice. In my previous essay, I laid out arguments for continued involvement in Afghanistan. In this essay, I present the opposing view. In this essay, I present the opposing view.


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