Laundry service industry essay

The market is fragmented in nature as large number of players are operating in this industry. The products offered by the companies are self service facilities or specialty cleaning, dry cleaning or full service laundering facilities. The major companies operating in the U.

Laundry service industry essay

Spot On Laundromat 2. Spot On is a non-coin operating laundry mat, focused primarily on tertiary students living in student residences, communes and flats in and around Vanderbijl Park but the service is not strictly restricted to the students; members of the community are also welcomed to make of our service.

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We wish our company to evolve by branching out franchising and offering additional service-alternations, repairs and cloth maintenance. We believe that our achievements are built upon ethical Laundry service industry essay and on a relationship of goodwill between the business and our employees our consumers and our environment and to the community in which we operate.

We will stay a customer oriented and market oriented organisation, continually offering value added services maintained by the latest technological developments. All our staffs is prized team players and team leaders, they are our most valuable resource.

Our organisation shall keep on having a corporate culture that is known for ethics, team work, comradeship and an organisation that is free of internal organisational politics.

These services are provided by our highly trained personnel who know how to tag, pre-treat, wash, dry and iron the laundry in a safe way as to not damage them in any way. Specialised machinery is also used to iron the laundry perfectly but not only to take out the wrinkles but also to preserve the texture and colours of the laundry.

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This service is rendered on a day-to-day basis from Unlike other laundry mats we have an element of dry cleaners, which is taking the laundry from the customers, wash, dry and optionally iron the laundry on their behalf. Ordinary laundry mats the customer does the laundry themselves but with Spot-On Laundromat we handle the laundry for you.

Laundry service industry essay

Therefore no more lines and waiting for the laundry, our specialized machinery make our service efficient and effective. Students are a cost-sensitive market, so we will offer our service at a relatively low price than our competitors. Conducted a feasibility analysis and analysed the results Selected and registered our company name Drafted and signed a partnership agreement Compiled a business plan Selected the location of the business Pending milestones: Purchasing of machinery and direct materials Employment of personnel 2.

She records all the financial transaction of the business to ensure that company is financial stable. Her work entails that she motivates our employees, look after the welfare and foresees the selection, recruiting and dismal procedures. The laundry and dry cleaning service industry has been one of the insignificant amongst others but recently, worldwide, people have started to give it recognition, realizing the potential of the industry to grow-actually it is growing.

The graph below shows the share of the dry cleaning and laundry service as compared to others.

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According to BizStats the industry size of the dry cleaning and laundry service industry in South Africa: BizStats Industry Markets Report.Industry Insights. The U.S. laundry facilities & dry-cleaning services market size was valued at USD billion in and is expected to witness growth during the forecast period.

Laundry service industry essay

Executive Summary Clean & Green Laundry Experience is a revolutionary laundrymat franchise concept that provides consumers with a contemporary, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly laundry service to fit their everyday needs.

The healthcare industry, the upcoming and the existing, has started outsourcing laundry services. This sector which has been registering a growth of 9. 3% per annum between and is projected to grow by 15% per annum by Retail laundry and dry cleaning services account for about 65% of industry revenue; laundromats account for about 35%.

Geographic Segmentation See where the Laundry Facilities & Dry Cleaning Services industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by . Published: Mon, 5 Dec Loads of Love is an eco-friendly laundry service business, in the new millennium that will alleviate the stressfulness of doing laundry, while freeing up valued time that could be delegated toward other priorities.

The personal and laundry services subsector is part of the other services (except public administration) sector. Industries in the Personal and Laundry Services subsector group establishments that provide personal and laundry services to individuals, households, and businesses.

Services performed.

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