Legal and ethical issues in dentistry

The lead author of these dilemmas, Dr. Hasegawa, died tragically in The dilemmas remain an important legacy for dentistry.

Legal and ethical issues in dentistry

This subsection shall not apply where the patient states that he or she is already under the care of such other physician and surgeon or other licensed health care provider Page 20 who is providing the appropriate management for that physical or mental condition, disease, or injury within his or her scope of practice.

Chiropractic referral services shall conform to the following: The following are exceptions: Page 21 20 6 When a hour emergency referral service is offered, a member of the group shall be available.

Section bBusiness and Professions Code.

Accommodation advice

SectionBusiness and Professions Code. New section filed ; operative Register 87, No. Investigation and Enforcement Costs; Payment by Licentiate. The costs shall include the amount of investigative and enforcement costs up to the date of the hearing, including, but not limited to, charges imposed by the Attorney General.

The board may reduce or eliminate the cost award, or remand to the administrative law judge where the proposed decision fails to make a finding on costs requested pursuant to subdivision a.

This right of enforcement shall be in addition to any other rights the board may have as to any licentiate to pay costs. Sections b andBusiness and Professions Code.

Legal and ethical issues in dentistry

Chiropractic Initiative Act of California, Stats. Each licensed chiropractor is required to maintain all active and inactive chiropractic patient records for five years from the date of the doctor's last treatment of the patient. Active chiropractic records are all chiropractic records of patients treated within the last 12 months.

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Chiropractic patient records shall be classified as inactive when there has elapsed a period of more than 12 months since the date of the last patient treatment. All chiropractic patient records shall be available to any representative of the Board upon presentation of patient's written consent or a valid legal order.

Active chiropractic patient records shall be immediately available to any representative of the Board at the chiropractic office where the patient has been or is being treated.

Inactive chiropractic patient records shall be available upon ten days notice to any representative of the Board. The location of said inactive records shall be reported immediately upon request.

Active and inactive chiropractic patient records must include all of the following: Thereafter, any treatment rendered by any other doctor must be signed or initialed by said doctor; 5 Date of each and every patient visit; 6 All chiropractic X-rays, or evidence of the transfer of said X-rays.

Each licensed chiropractor is required to ensure accurate billing of his or her chiropractic services whether or not such chiropractor is an employee of any business entity, whether corporate or individual, and whether or not billing for such services is accomplished by an individual or business entity other than the licensee.

In the event an error occurs which results in an overbilling, the licensee must promptly make reimbursement of the overbilling whether or not the licensee is in any way compensated for such reimbursement by his employer, agent or any other individual or business entity responsible for such error.

Failure by the licensee, within 30 days after discovery or notification of an error which resulted in an overbilling, to make full reimbursement constitutes unprofessional conduct.

Free or Discount Services. Licensees may advertise that they will perform certain designated routine professional services free or at a discount if such advertising claims are truthful.

For the purposes of this section, no separate charge shall be made for the professional evaluation of diagnostic tests or procedures which are provided free or without cost, or at a discount, whether such professional evaluation is made at the time of the initial office visit or at any later time.§ Licensing examination.

Individuals, who on or before December 31, have completed all the education requirements for licensure and by that date have submitted an application for licensure and the required application fee, shall meet the examination requirements of this subdivision.

California law governing chiropractic can be a bit abstruse, since it is spread over different sources. For example, the Chirorpactic Act can be found in Appendix I to the California Business & Professions Code in Deering's California Codes Annotated.

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A series of ethical dilemmas was published in the Texas Dental Journal between and The lead author of these dilemmas, Dr. Thomas K. Hasegawa, died tragically in The dilemmas remain an important legacy for dentistry. Description “This practical guide is ideal both for teaching future members of the profession about their ethical responsibilities and for reinforcing ethical competence among current professionals.

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Ethical Dilemmas