Mobile commerce literature review

Consumer and business adoption Table 2: Existing eReadiness Frameworks As portrayed before, consumer e-Readiness is considered as a two dimensional concept which consists of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The extrinsic factors are considered to be all the factors that constitute the environment of an individual.

Mobile commerce literature review

This literature presents the analysis of Turkish apparel companies within a strategic fit framework. Signing a customs union agreement with the EU in brought Turkey such notions as product quality, production productivity, environment, and firm social responsibilities.

Thus, Turkish apparel industry had the all advantages to compete successfully in domestic and international markets: IT, creativity, and innovation have become an integral part of business life.

Company profiles and business strategies. Turkish apparel industry consists of exporters and non-exporters in terms of the company structure. There are three types of domestic cloth retailing: In general, Turkish apparel industry is very much fragmented; that is, the firms in this industry range from medium to large major players to many small ones.

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By doing so, they try to stay competitive. Actually, these small-sized manufacturers create a big dilemma for the industry.

On the one hand, they are not applauded by the bigger players. Throughout the data above, it was observed how Turkish apparel industry has gone through an evolution.

However, Turkish apparel industry has got some problems yet.

Mobile Commerce Adoption in Organizations: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions

There is also an issue concerning an inadequate state of the telecommunications infrastructure and its related costs. After all, it was observed that the companies engaged in apparel industry have the more advantageous position than those in textile one in terms of adopting the Internet as a strategic tool towards business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce.

This literature review is important and contributes to the research question as it provides the overview of Turkish apparel industry, company structure, and the challenges that Turkish businesses have faced.

Mobile commerce literature review

It also acknowledges a reader on how Turkish businesses in apparel industry have come face to face with the reality that just following low-cost strategy does not help them to survive in the rapidly changing world. Marketing Approaches and the Barriers in Turkey Over the years, marketing approaches have been constantly evolving.

A research was done among businesses operating in different sectors in Turkey among which there were textile and apparel companies. While analyzing marketing approaches among different sectors, Kilic and Ozdemir underline the importance of a modern marketing approach and market orientation.

With the respect to the source, the authors claim that market orientation leads businesses to innovate that increases their performance. This literature review is helpful as it reveals that apparel industry is among a few that have adopted modern marketing approach and social approach together with market orientation.

It also adds meaning to the linkage between the phenomenon and Integrated Marketing Communications Concept, and Diffusion of Innovations Theory as well.

Due to the analysis of the responses in relation to the modern marketing approach, the level of agreement was very high, especially among the companies engaged in the consumer product businesses. That is, most of the companies agreed on the following issues: Due to this fact, the businesses that strive to be a part of the global market and to increase their profits have begun to benefit from the means that the Internet provides, particularly from the Web content Cetinkaya, Similarly, companies that want to expand their businesses at the international level should also consider the impact of culture on the understanding and use of Web-based communication, content, and tools Cetinkaya, Thus, it is crucial to understand how websites differ across cultures in e-commerce Cetinkaya, To conduct the study on this issue, Cetinkaya used both qualitative and quantitative methods.

The reflections of cultural values that Turkey owns today on the websites. Thus, it can be said that the members of Turkish society are not tolerant to uncertain situations and have a tendency to maintain the status quo Cetinkaya, It was also observed that Turkish society shows the injustice among the members in terms of power distribution Cetinkaya, Besides, Cetinkaya claims that power and tradition values in Turkey are higher than the Western culture.

Thus, people from high uncertainty avoidance cultures keep a distance from online purchases as the Internet is decided as a new and technologically sophisticated medium that has a certain degree of uncertainty Cetinkaya, Generally, Turkish society was considered as highly conservative.

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With the increase of Internet, the businesses have decreased the usage of traditional mass media and began to invest in digital platforms in order to reach out to the target audience Erdemir, This literature review is crucial as it touches on how digital marketing is adopted in Turkey which and constitute the base for the research questions conducted in experimental studies.

Digital marketing in Turkey.commerce by means of a literature review. The main questions are how b2c e-commerce affects (a) individual activity patterns and travel behaviour, (b) the freight transport and logistic decisions. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, VOL.


literature review for design guidelines based on several researches from databases such as IEEE, Science Direct, and Google Scholar. There are seven elements of m-commerce . Growth, Adoption, and Use of Mobile E-Commerce by Liran Einav, Jonathan Levin, Igor Popov and Neel Sundaresan. Published in volume , issue 5, pages of American Economic Review, May , Abstract: We document some early effects of how mobile .

ferences and Subjective Norms 16 Belief of Image 17 Awareness of Mobile Banking Products and Services 18 Conclusion 19 References 20 Chapter 2: Literature Review Introduction E-banking is the word, frequently used in new the generation banking system.

Electronic Commerce Research and Applications will contribute to the establishment of a research community to create the knowledge, technology, theory, and applications for the development of electronic commerce.

This is targeted at the intersection of technological potential and business aims.

Literature review on consumer adoption behavior of mobile commerce services