Morality and sister essay

Arthur Schopenhauer Certainly one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century, Schopenhauer seems to have had more impact on literature e.

Morality and sister essay

Ethics is sometimes also referred to as moral philosophy. Morality could be explained as the context within which ethics are codified. Morality is a code; it is the system that stratifies and codifies intentions, decisions, and actions, good right or bad wrong.

The ethics and morality of the Fitzgerald family as well as the ethics and morality of the lawyers Campbell and Saraand furthermore, the ethics of the hospital staff are at the center of the narrative.

Arguably, the novel is the narrative of a family, each member operating upon individual morality and ethics; the plot stems from the tensions that play out among the family as a result of their differing senses of ethics and codes of morality.

The entire idea and concept of a savior sibling is questionable, too. Anna does not live for her own sake; Anna lives for the sake of her sister. If Kate had never contracted leukemia, it is dubious as to whether Anna would have existed at all.

What are the ethics and morality of the decision by the Fitzgerald parents to conceive another child primarily for the sake of another? This question is not fully addressed by the novel, yet it is a question the novel raises directly and indirectly.

How is Anna wrong to litigate against her parents for the power of medical attorney over her own body?

Morality and sister essay

It is believed in western culture that children do not choose to be born. If children do not choose to be born, it is far more unlikely that children would choose, if they could, not only to be born, but also to be born and live only in service to another sibling. It is possible that at least some children would make that choice, yet it is highly unlikely.

Therefore, Anna did not choose to be born. Anna, further, did not choose to live to supply her sister, Kate, with various bodily tissues and organs to sustain her.

Kate did not choose to get leukemia.

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Who is "right" and who is "wrong"? The experience of a medical trauma such as a serious or fatal disease like leukemia is traumatic. It is also traumatic to experience constant medical testing. Medical testing can be painful, awkward, anxiety-inducing, and seemingly endless. That is a bond the sisters share -- besides sharing a kidney, as they do after Anna dies in the car accident near the close of the novel.

Kate must endure medical tests because of her pre-existing medical condition, leukemia. Because Anna is a savior sibling, she must endure numerous tests for her fluids, tissues, and organs to help Kate stay alive and perhaps make her leukemia go into remission.The Euthyphro dilemma is found in Plato's dialogue Euthyphro, in which Socrates asks Euthyphro, "Is the pious (τὸ ὅσιον) loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?" It implies that if moral authority must come from the gods it doesn't have to be good, and if moral authority must be good it does not have to come from the gods.

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