Source analysis us history

Remember that you should be spending about 45 minutes on the whole of Part A Multiple choice, short answer, Source Analysis.

Source analysis us history

This evaluation could use a bit more information about Edward Anthony. I know I would, and also the text mentioned briefly that this was a huge demonstration never before seen in America before this time.

Source analysis us history

Looking at the artifact you can see that the people in it are united and there for a cause. They are all moving or at least facing in the same direction and many of the windows seen have flags flying from them. Then by the title one can figure out that al these people are gathering in Union Square to demonstrate their support for the union.

This source clearly shows that those who were for the Union and preserving it really had and wanted to keep their sense of national identity. The text with this picture said that shops were closed down and pretty much everyone just dropped their daily tasks and work to come to this demonstration.

I think this event was pretty powerful and it adds to my understanding of just how determined people who wanted the Union were to keep it.

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Just a thought, but I was thinking of how overwhelming this event seemed and just maybe that was another cause of the south wanting to break away. The North may have been so overwhelming that even those of the south that may have been straddling that fence of staying with the union or breaking away may have thought that it was too much and the north was too pushy.

After reading and thinking about this picture I think maybe I have more of an understanding as to one more reason the South would want to break away, and at the same time maybe this also helped the North come out victorious in the end.

Maybe because they were so determined and had such a strong national identity they were able to defeat the South which never really had time to create a sense of national identity, at least not to the best of my knowledge because as soon as the south broke away, the war started.

Suicture would have felt it to. When I first looked at the picture without even knowing what it was I could feel or sense the togetherness of these people. I could tell they were all there for the same reasons. Daryl Fridley who developed this assignment.Oct 21, Primary source activities, lessons, and resources for World and US History teachers!

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Source Analysis is what historians do. A source is any piece of information or evidence that tells us something about the past.

This might be a history book, an ancient coin, an old building or someone's memory of something that happened in their childhood.

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Step 1: “What is the question asking?” History How to Analyze a Primary Source When you analyze a primary source, you are undertaking the most important job of the historian.

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