The impact of unethical practices

The Impact of Unethical Practices The Impact of Unethical Practices 3 March United States Plagiarism, also referred to as academic dishonesty, is a serious academic offense that if incurred has great consequences.

The impact of unethical practices

Unethical behavior is an action that falls outside of what is considered morally right or proper for a person, a profession or an industry. Individuals can behave unethically, as can businesses, professionals and politicians. Unethical Behavior Among Individuals Lying to your spouse about how much money you spent.

Lying to your parents about where you were for the evening. Stealing money from the petty cash drawer at work. Lying on your resume in order to get a job. Talking about a friend behind his back.

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Taking credit for work you did not do. Cheating on a school paper by copying it off the Internet. Using your position of power at work to sexually harass someone. Selling a house and not disclosing known defects to the buyers.

Unethical Behavior Among Businesses Dumping pollutants into the water supply rather than cleaning up the pollution properly.

Effects of a Lack of Ethics on a Business Environment | Top risks and costs of unethical behavior in business conduct May 13, at 8:
Popular Topics Ekpo-Ufot found that reported frequencies of unethical behaviour were high and were virtually the same among the studied groups.

Releasing toxins into the air in levels above what is permitted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Refusing to give an employee a final paycheck for hours worked after the employee leaves the company.

Not paying an employee for all of the hours worked. Engaging in price fixing to force smaller competitors out of business. Using bait and switch or false advertising tactics to lure customers in or convince them to buy a product.

Rolling back the odometer on a vehicle that is for sale. Refusing to honor a warranty claim on a defective product. Unethical Behavior by Professionals Doctors, dentists and lawyers dating their clients. A dentist preforms unnecessary procedures on a patient in order to receive the insurance payment.

A lawyer will not return money or provide a which was being held for a client. A lawyer represents parties on both sides of a legal transaction. Unethical Behavior Among Politicians and the Government Using the Internal Revenue Service IRS to target groups that you do not like by auditing those groups or refusing to give them tax exempt status.

Obtaining private tax information about your political opponents from the Internal Revenue Service and using that information in a campaign.

The impact of unethical practices

Knowingly telling lies about your own political position or about the political position of your opponent just to get elected.

Accepting excess campaign contributions that violate campaign finance laws. Using money that was donated to your campaign for personal, non-approved expenses.Top risks and costs of unethical behavior in business conduct May 13, at AM One does not have to look very far in today’s world to see numerous examples of an absolute erosion of ethics and basic core values and guiding principles of what is right and what is .

Unethical Business Practices in the Food Industry Business Ethics According to Wikipedia, the definition of conscience is: “Conscience is an ability or a faculty that distinguishes whether one's actions are right or wrong.

It leads to feelings of remorse when one does things that go against his/her moral values, and to feelings of rectitude.

Unethical practices within a business can have a very negative impact on a company. Employees with lax attitudes concerning such behavior can be problematic for their employer. There are rules and guidelines in place to govern against unethical behavior and if found guilty of breaking those rules, one may incur consequences that include fines.

Impact of Unethical Behavior Article Potential acts leading to unethical practices and behavioral in accounting is evident. These acts are in violation of the Sarbares Oxley Act of (SOX).

A recent article on the student website is reviewed to identify potential factors leading to unethical practices and behavior. The article analyzed is. the impact of unethical business practices on the nigeria manufacturing sector ((a case study of wood work furniture, abuja).

This chapter basically examines the contributions of some experts, practitioners and scholars toward the impact of unethical business practices and the promotion of ethical practices as a demand that must be met in order to have a cordial interlink between the manufacturers and the .

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