The raven essay introduction

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The raven essay introduction

Related Introduction Edgar Allen Poe, when people see his name many think of scary or melancholy.

Edgar allan poe the raven summary analysis essay

He has written many literary works that have traveled through the ages and become classics studied everywhere. Originally The raven essay introduction is said that Poe went to his former employer a man named Rex Graham and tried to sell the poem to him but was politely declined but given 15 dollars as a simple charity.

The poem was an instant success and set his writing career soaring.

The raven essay introduction

There was much debate and discussion about the meaning and the symbolism of this poem once published. It caused quite a stir in the literary community.

Critical opinion was divided as to this poems status but it has remained one of the most famous poems ever written.

Because of the poems great success Poe wrote a follow up essay called The Philosophy of Composition which described the working of The Raven. He stated that the poem was written as if it was a mathematical problem. He stressed that the reader must be able to read the poem in its entirety in just one sitting.

5 Theme in The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

He believed you lost the meaning of the poem and the reader if they had to come back to it. They should be able to take it all in one read. Poe stated that a poem should stay somewhere around a hundred lines. The Raven has exactly lines.

This poem was actually written backwards. He wrote the 3rd to the last stanza first and then wrote backwards from there. He stated that the effect was determined first then the whole plot so the web will grow backwards from there for a single effect.

Poe was a great believer that to truly write anything one must first have a truly great plot.


The symbolism in The Raven has been the most debated. Many believe he drew from many references. In Norse mythology Odin had two ravens Huginn and Muninn which represented though and memory. The book of Genesis makes the raven out to be a bird of ill omen. According to Hebrew folklore, Noah sends a white raven out to check conditions while on the ark.

It is punished by being turned black and forced to feed on carrion forever. By choosing the raven it made the poem more dark and supernaturalespecially when Poe is describing the environment the young lover is sitting in while pining over his lost Lenore.

In The Philosophy of Composition Poe stated that he had actually considered using a parrot for the bird but it did not give the supernatural and foreboding feeling that the raven would. To give this more power in the poem he has the bird come in an perch on the bust of Pallus.

This represents the goddess of wisdom.

Each time the narrator would ask a question the raven simply answered nevermore. He wanted to use something that would be utterly non-reasoning so it would have a powerful meaning when speaking, thus the use of the bird. The poem is about an allegedly young man who is sitting alone on a dark and very bleak December night pining over the loss of his one true love Lenore.

He is reading books of lore to help ease the pain of his loss. It is then that he hears the tapping on the chamber door and opens it to find only emptiness. One can almost feel the bleakness and the loneness he must have felt being alone in his study with barely a fire left and everything dark around him.

It almost is letting you think he is completely lost in his own misery from his loss. Everything is bleak and dark. When the raven comes a tapping he at first is startled and then starts questioning that maybe it is something else.

He believes it could be the devil come to torture him over his loss. When after each inquiry he gives the bird it only responds as nevermore. At first the nevermore response is taken as a silly bird that has only learned only one word and has accidentally flown from his master place, but when the bird actually makes his appearance and sits upon the bust of Pallus the young narrator starts to think maybe there is more to this raven than meets the eye.

The raven essay introduction

When the bird has perched upon the bust the young man is mesmerized by his presence and pulls up a chair.Analyzing "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe begins with understanding what happens as the story progresses.

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The introduction is the most important paragraph because it provides direction for the entire essay. It also sets the tone, and you want to grab the reader’s attention with interest and clarity.

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Essay Instructions: Your analysis of Poe's "The Raven," supported with the material from three sources--critical articles, online information, etc. The sources should be .

5 Theme in The Raven | Edgar Allen Poe | English Summary