True love ain that hard to find

Enjoy them while you can. A very special commission now installed. It is late summer and the wind catches the top of the Fireweed.

True love ain that hard to find

Would he, an Indian from the lowest caste, really marry a wealthy aristocrat from a faraway land? Well, according to Indian culture, prophecies are taken very seriously, so Mahanandia never forgot those words and hung onto them during all his trying times.

After an incredible chance meeting 17 years later, it was those very words that led to an epic journey of true love from India to Sweden. I was below the dogs and cows. Those things, I never forget.

Mahanandia distinctly remembers what happened the moment they entered the door. It was this seemingly random and kind gesture that served as the catalyst for a life changing set of events for Mahanandia. A Moving Response After he received the beautiful garland, Mahanandia rushed home to show his mother and proclaimed: Then she showed him a palm leaf bearing something that would explain everything and impact the rest of his life.

She decided that this was a fitting time to reveal what it had prophesied. Instead, he would marry a woman from a faraway land born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, who would own a jungle or forest and play the flute.

Whenever Mahanandia felt sad, his mom would remind him of these words, words that would sow the seeds of a miraculous occurrence 17 years later. He described the feeling as follows: When he was a child, he was also told that he was destined to work with colors and art, which made sense to him seeing that he could draw things really quickly, but his dad had different plans for him.

He went to some train tracks to commit suicide. His first attempt failed as the rails were too hot and burned his skin, and the second time the police stopped him and sent him home.

True love ain that hard to find

At this point, it felt like his prophecy was just a distant memory with all his bad luck. Pursuing His Dreams After feeling completely down and out, Mahanandia decided to run away from home to pursue his dream as an artist.

With 55 rupees to his name, the equivalent of 84 cents, he traveled to Santiniketan to enroll at the Visva-Bharati University, but the course was too expensive. To make ends meets, Mahanandia painted pictures on the street, but the police would strip them down and take him to the station.

Why is finding true love so difficult?

Ironically, he liked going to the station because they gave him food, and he could sleep with a roof over his head. Before long, he became a well-known sketch artist and began painting portraits of politicians, and all the while, that prophecy he heard when he was nine years old would nudge him at the back of his mind.

Jatti, and even cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. She smiled and invited him to the Parliamentary Club by the Indo-Soviet Society, where he drew 10 portraits of her. For this, he appeared in the news and the rest was history.

Mahanandia became famous overnight! He made a good name for himself as a sketch artist in the local press and befriended many famous people. Then One Evening … On the evening of December 17, a beautiful blonde-haired women with big blue eyes approached Mahanandia while he was sketching some portraits.

She stood before his easel and was totally intrigued by his talent and how he could draw a portrait in just 10 minutes.

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Totally Mesmerized Mahanandia was lost for words when he laid eyes on this young woman. He was so nervous that his hand started shaking. He asked her to return the next day, as he had totally messed up the portrait. She asked him for 10 rupees, but she handed him 20 each time.

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True love ain that hard to find

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