What is a college degree coming

Steps to setting goals Victory is sweet Think about the final minutes in a close hockey or football game. How exciting is it when a player scores the final goal? Meeting a goal represents victory and hard work and brings personal satisfaction.

What is a college degree coming

Careers Education Loans Recent news about the rising costs of college has been nothing short of dark and dreary. By all accounts, the price tag of higher education has been skyrocketing — and student bank accounts simply cannot keep up.

Is a College Degree Worth It? With that in mind, I researched many college degrees in the United States, as well as their potential outcomes in the job market.

Using Bureau of Labor Statistics and U. Department of Labor data on job growth and average annual earnings, I compiled this list of college degrees that are likely to pay off in and beyond: Logistics As the world economy grows, logisticians work tirelessly to find creative ways to move products seamlessly from production to the consumer.

Students who earn a degree in this field will also be treated to healthy wages: And with all the demand, salaries remain relatively high as well. Petroleum Engineering Energy production is booming again in the U. And since finding and extracting oil becomes a more complex process with each passing year, students who earn a degree in petroleum engineering will likely be rewarded for their expertise.

High demand for this career also leads to high wages. Biomedical Engineering The prevalence of technology in modern medicine means that professionals who understand both disciplines should be in high demand.

What is a college degree coming

Financial Planning We all have to deal with money, and that means there will always be a need for personal financial advisors. For many of them, this degree will pay off. Advisors in certain states earned even more. According to the BLS, only 1, geographers were employed in the U.

However, students who earn a degree in geography could find themselves in high demand in the coming years. Wages are healthy too: Marketing New businesses come and go year-round, creating a constant stream of opportunities for marketing professionals who know how to create ad campaigns that effectively sell products and services.

Thanks to a growing economy, the BLS projects healthy employment for students who earn a degree in this field. Computer Science For years, computer programming has been heralded as the career of the future in our country, and around the world.

Careers that require a computer science degree are expected to take off over the coming decade. Holly Johnson is a wife, mother of two, and frugal lifestyle enthusiast.Enlisting with a college degree submitted 3 years ago by tillmidnight I am currently deciding between enlisting in the Navy or reapplying to the Navy Intel OCS Board.

Find Bachelor Degree programs As an international student, you want to find the top undergraduate program or the best graduate program that fits your needs.

What is a college degree coming

As you search for U.S. schools, you should know there are many important differences between "undergraduate" and "graduate" programs. Enlisting with a degree. submitted 4 The people like you-- the smart, sharp people with college degrees who are all around your age-- are officers, and you're legally not allowed to hang out with them.

Believe me, my perspective is coming from a completely naive outlook. I'm just in the begin in stages of enlisting so I have literally. Nov 23,  · As new college graduates enter the workforce in , they will find that certain degrees are deemed more attractive to employers than others.

(image credit: Shutterstock) The number one most in-demand bachelor’s degree, according to the NACE survey, was that of finance. Choosing to get a master’s degree is a major financial decision. For many, it’ll be one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime, right behind a house and a car.

This spring, an estimated million university graduates will enter the U.S. workforce with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees just as America’s unemployment rate hits its lowest.

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