Where to buy origami paper in sydney

I finally decided to make this pixely popup heart card!

Where to buy origami paper in sydney

So if imagine your paper plate looks a little like this… …then you can cut along chord AB to make one bridge, or cut along chord CD as well to make two. My inner geek loves sprinkling extra details like this into our activities.

Next you need to draw in the bridge details. Using a black marker, outline your segment, and draw an inner arch following the shape of the inner paper plate rim.

Then draw evenly spaced vertical lines from the chord to the top of the arch. Cut an inch long slit in the bottom of two cups.

Pen to Paper - Pen to Paper

Slide the edges of your paper plate bridge into the slits, so that the cups look like pylons. Add window details with marker. Did you know that the pylons on either side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are mainly decorative?

Where to buy origami paper in sydney

For the finishing touch, stick an Australian flag sticker onto a toothpick and piece of card I used the discarded middle piece of the paper plate. Then tape the toothpick to the back of your Harbour Bridge. As you can see, preschoolers can have a good go at this craft.

JJ four and a half years old did hers almost all by herself. I cut the slits into the cups, and helped her when she was frustrated with drawing the smaller diagonal lines at the top of the arch, but she did the rest.

How did the builders know how to do it? How did they know where it should go? Here they are, paired with our paper plate Sydney Opera House. And because we just watched the New Years Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbour a few weeks ago, we decided to create a little mini scene.

The water paintings were from that morning.My latest origami work, flock of geese found a new home. The organiser told me that it was a popular work and she wanted to buy it but it was out-bid!

I was in Spain, so I couldn’t go there so I am glad to hear the good news. they raised almost $12, at the Art Gallery of NSW charity exhibition. Finding gifts for men can be tricky.

Where to buy origami paper in sydney

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